Snow Guards

SMW Pipe-Style

An essential component to the overall design of slate, copper, tile, or standing seam roofs is a snow retention system. Snow guards assist in damage prevention by holding up snow and allowing it to gradually fall as it melts off of the roof. When properly installed, they encourage freezing to occur around the snow guard instead of on the gutter. Melted snow then flows through the gutter system.
Snow Guards help prevent ice dams that can cause leaks from forming at the edge of the roof. Designed to hinder ice and snow from avalanching off the roof resulting in possible harm to your home, garden, vehicles and you, they are a practical and beautiful addition to the architecture of your home. Obviously if you live in southern Florida snow load probably isn’t a concern.

All SMW Snow Guards can be customized to any application. Designed and tested in house by SARC Inc., along with strength testing done by the laboratories of Tox Pressotechnik, in Warrenville, Illinois. We offer different types of SMW stock styles: #15, #6, #3 as well as our #30 Pipe Snow rail. SMW snow guards are so versatile that each style can be fabricated to work on any roofing system. Our stock application designs are standard, es (for retrofit) and bt (for batten tile). Add ons are also available for extra detail.



Snow Guards function